Maths for Computers..

5 x 5 = 25 right?


Ah ha ha ha 😈 it’s 19 in hexadecimal.. 9 x 9 = 51 in hexadecimal..

Welcome to maths for computers 🙄

This is the one thing i’ve had to work on this week.. the one thing i didn’t know already.. basically, we chuck 15 years of education in ‘normal’ maths out the window and start fresh with brand new maths 😡

For help with binary/hexadecimal etc.. i’d recommend you read wikipedia, use this tool to find correct answers, then get a sheet of paper and come up with the answer working backwards.. that’s what i did and i now understand it. Worst thing you can do is remember normal maths – forget it all.. do a memory dump..

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