March 2011 Review

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Last month, i only published 8 blog posts which is my worst ever monthly post count in my 4 and a half year blogging history. Not only have i not been blogging, at times i’ve been offline completely and concentrating solely on my college dissertation. Today, i handed it in…

Dissertation Progress

Grades measure comprehension of a subject and allow employers to filter applicants quickly. That’s what education boils down to, grades. However there is no more complex subject than yourself. If you can go through college or any level of education without understanding or learning anything about yourself, you haven’t learned anything of value. Unfortunately, you don’t get rewarded with grades for learning about yourself. Although i set targets for myself and say college is a results based business, i do constantly monitor my own progress and assess myself. It’s essential in order to improve.

Here’s how i progressed on this dissertation from January – March, measured in pages of content produced each month.

Dissertation Progress


  • 15 pages
  • 3,416 words
  • 1 Reference


  • 32 pages
  • 7,282 words
  • 26 references

Here’s what i finished the  month with;

  • 92 pages
  • 18,574 words
  • 47 references

So now you can see why i haven’t been blogging much 😉 Did i leave all of this writing until the last minute? No. Whilst a lot of the work was done in March, i’ve been thinking about this dissertation for over a year and i’m extremely confident in my own ability to write under pressure  so i was never worried about needing to put the boot down in the final few weeks, i’ve done it plenty of times before and for the past year or more i’ve done it daily on this blog; hitting deadlines religiously day after day.

Just because i’m not physically writing or researching, doesn’t mean i’m not working. So the chart above is misleading, it just measures output on a month by month basis which is essentially a measure of ‘work rate’, nothing else. However it shows i’m able to work to and respect a deadline. The most important thing for me was that the dissertation was completed at all costs and on time. It’s been the big mental hurdle for the past year and i couldn’t face not clearing it.

Now that that’s done, college work doesn’t stop. I’ve a business plan to submit this weekend and present next week as part of an entrepreneurship module, plus i’ve got 4 class tests over the next 2 weeks in 4 different modules. That will take me up to easter over which i have to prepare a 30 minute presentation for this dissertation. So i can’t wave goodbye to the dissertation just yet, before i do that i have to sell it and defend it so that will require major preparation.

Other March Stuff

Just over a week ago i posted a question on Facebook to our leaving cert page. It went viral. 44,000 people had voted in 48 hours and it now stands at 67,800. We’ve also gotten over 1,000 comments on that question. It’s now slowed down but we’re still getting hundreds of votes per day.

To put those numbers in perspective, only about 55,000 students will sit the leaving cert this year. We’ve had musicians, politicians, lecturers, teachers, parents and students comment & vote on it, so i *think* it must have struck a cord with people.

By the way, i published a blog post here about converting a facebook profile to a page but that ‘new’ feature was only picked up by major tech news sites yesterday. I think inside facebook were first to report it followed by thousands of tech sites who lazily rehash the same stuff because they *think* it’s new. I blogged about that exact feature 10 days ago and the feature had been around longer than that – in fact i was angry with myself that i didn’t know about sooner, i thought i was the one that had missed the boat and that was 10 days ago…

Not much else happened in March or if it did, i was there in body, but not in mind. March was dissertation month and now that it’s April 1st, i can begin to get back to normal and that means blogging daily… or certainly blogging more regularly.

In just two weeks time i’ll have sat through my last ever lecture, but i’ll have to start preparing for my final exams, so April will still be dominated by college stuff.


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