Man Utd Champions 2008

Man Utd beat Wigan today to win their 10th premier league title in 16 years.

Take that Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal.

It’s good to see Liverpool not contesting anything at this stage of the season… keeps their supporters heads in the sand. This title will also shut them up about the 18 title’s thing… as a kid that was thrown in my face so many times, so WHEN Utd eclipse that, there’ll be a few scores to settle.

Chelsea have been a nice quiet contender this year, narrowly missing out although i nor any Utd fan will be happy until we trample all over them to win the Champions League final in a couple of weeks time.

Arsenal are the hot headed bunch who probably play the best football but just don’t have the balls and steel to grind out results. Gallas also makes them a sweeter side to beat – he’s the new Henry in that you love to see him wound up and on the losing side.

So yeah, champions again and deservedly so. 🙂

Edit: Upon re-reading this i apologise to my non-footy readers, you won’t have a clue what i’m talking about 🙂

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