MAJOR Internet Explorer Security Alert

Don’t worry, the heading is a bit dramatic – this is just a regular IE security alert, you know, the one’s we see all the time but rarely get in to the public eye… well this one has. Apparently Internet Explorer has some sort of huge security flaw which has resulted in a security expert advising people to use an alternative browser.

“If users can find an alternative browser, then that’s good mitigation against the threat.”

I love the way they don’t mention anything at all about it on the official internet explorer homepage… look at the irony here;

ms was also hacked earlier in the week for several hours. I let that pass but this security flaw (which apparently logs passwords from games and can be used to carry out similar tasks on more serious stuff) is too big to brush under the carpet. Whilst it takes a certain type of person to carry out these attacks, Microsoft deserve all that’s thrown at them as they should be bulletproof in terms of security. No excuses. Not when you’re the largest software developer in the world and have a majority share in browser wars.

But i’m preaching to the converted here. 88% of you guys are using Firefox with just 8% IE. Tech savvy audiences are already using Firefox and the kind of people who use IE are the kind of people who can barely switch on a computer, never mind download & install a web browser. Unfortunately that’s over 50% of internet users 🙄


In that article, they question people’s ability to find another browser…

If users can find an alternative browser….”

I’m not going to insult you guys by asking that question 😉

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