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Lunarpages Coupons ordered a ReviewMe review, so this is a sponsored post.

Lunarpages: What are they, who are they?

Lunarpages are a web hosting company located in the US. As it happens, this site is currently hosted on their servers 😎 So obviously i’m a fan of Lunarpages, their prices and their service. If i wasn’t, i wouldn’t be a customer. For more info on recommended hosts check out my webmaster deals page.

They offer everything from basic shared hosting (a few bucks a month) right up to VPS and dedicated servers, so whatever your needs, i’m pretty sure you’ll find something to cover them with Lunarpages.

A lot of people harp on about how it’s best to have your site hosted locally (within the country)… that’s rubbish imo. People want the cheapest host, that’s reliable and provides good customer support when you need it. Lunarpages ticks all those boxes in my experience.

Lunarpages Coupons offer you discounts/coupons on all sorts of different hosting packages. You *can* find these coupons by googling and browsing about.. that’s the way i did it when i was first joining Lunarpages, but make life so much easier by displaying all the offers under the one roof :cool:The site itself is a blog, hosted by wordpress, with a few posts displaying the codes you need when buying anything off Lunarpages. Pretty basic, simple, but it’s useful and that’s the most important thing 😈 It helps us save money and therefore it can only get a thumbs up from me :mrgreen:


Lunarpages Coupons provide cheap, reliable and a quick service. They are without doubt the best host i’ve used, and i’ve used a few. In bang for the buck terms, you’ll find it hard to beat them, and use, and it stretches that bang for the buck even further 😆

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