look what i got!

I headed in to PC World today in Dundalk looking to spend my €30 in vouchers on something random. The reason i was up in Dundalk (on my week off college) was to hook up with a few classmates and kill each other in Call of Duty :mrgreen:

Anyway, i spent a good 20 minutes walking around the shop just browsing.. for a change nobody came over and asked if i needed help (i hate that – if i want help i’ll ask you). I’d narrowed it down to 3 or 4 items – a new wireless router (my current one is 3 years old), a fancy ‘face recognition’ webcam, a set of headphones & microphone.

I chose the latter. Mainly because the other two were more expensive 😉 But i didn’t just pick up any old headphones, i picked up €50 creative ‘fatal1ty’ headphones. I could tell they were in demand by the dust on the top of the packet 🙄 I figured there’s no way in hell i’d pay €50 for a pair of headphones but in reality they only cost €20 so it was a good deal 🙂

And what a buy they are… the bass on these babies is phoenomenal. Crystal clear sound and thumping bass. So when will i ever use them? Good question. I’m not exactly a ‘serious gamer’. I do however like my music and i do intend to do screencasts / video posts in the future so the attached microphone will come in really handy then.

I’ve literally just spent 5 minutes testing these out but so far they’ve blown me away… here they are, being modelled by my XPS.

P.S. To my horror, the college was FULL when i arrived about lunchtime – WTF people!!! It’s study week, i didn’t think anyone actually came in on study week… i guess college means more to most people than it does to me 🙂

I couldn’t get a parking spot and had resigned myself to walking a bit when all of a sudden two cars pulled out of spaces side by side (typical!)…

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