London twice in two months

london 2010

I’m heading to London next week for 3 days and i’m heading back again next month for another 3 days. Why? No purpose only leisure.

I was talked in to going back again by my girlfriend plus the fact flights were so cheap… €18 return. It’s also cheaper to stay next month than it is this month for some reason. London is an expensive city at the best of times but i struggled to find a hotel within budget for next week (i booked it about a month ago)… however i had my pick when choosing a hotel for less money next month. Strange the way prices fluctuate.

Anyway, i now have 6 nights in London to look forward to. (3 next week, 3 next month). Both of the hotels i’m staying in have free wifi (oh, what a coincidence 😈 ) so i’ll more than likely have my netbook with me on both trips & i’ll be blogging and uploading pictures day by day. That’s the plan. You can’t bank on hotels to have decent, working wifi though so my 161 day blogging streak could well be put under threat.

Things i’ve yet to see and do in london;

  • greenwich
  • london zoo
  • london aquarium
  • london eye 4D experience
  • westfield shopping center
  • speedboat on the thames

I’m sure i’ll find some more between now and wednesday…

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