London tomorrow

I’m going to London tomorrow…

As usual, last minute stuff to catch up on… making sure i have all the sheets of paper with me is the main thing. These sheets of paper are worth about €550 :mrgreen:

I’m also charging my n95, ipod etc.. had to top the car up on petrol plus check all the tyre pressures (don’t want a blow out or a flat tyre on the way to the airport!).

We’ll be setting off at around 8.45am tomorrow morning. A nice time, everyone else will be going to work 🙂

Anyway, i’m far too busy to be preparing posts for when i’m away (i’m still working on BeerChief stuff), so i’ll just text my twitter account with updates (if indeed twitter is online).

I may or may not schedule a post for tomorrow, depends how busy i am later on 😎

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