London this time next week!

london 2010 trip

This day next week i’ll be back in London for a few days. This time, staying in the Victoria Park Plaza Hotel not far from Buckingham Palace (thanks priceline!). I’ll be with my girlfriend but it won’t just be the two of us this time as we’ll have two London newbies with in the form of her sister & mother…

Having been there about 5 times in the last 3 years, most recently last month, i know my way around the place on foot and on tube. Here’s a list of hotels i’ve stayed in over the past few years;

  • Sheraton Belgravia (priceline)
  • Hilton Olympia (priceline)
  • Hilton Canary Wharf (direct with a hilton 50% off offer)
  • Hilton Tower Bridge (priceline)
  • Thistle Marble Arch (priceline)
  • H10 Waterloo (direct)

The list of things i’ve seen and done is even longer 🙂 So for this upcoming trip, i’ve crammed in a lot of stuff on our 3 day timetable.

City: Gherkin
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tempo Perdido

London Eye, London Zoo, a couple of West End shows and all the major landmarks and areas like Trafalgar Square, the o2, Picadilly Circus, Oxford / Regent Street, Hyde Park, Leicester Square, Houses of Parliament, Canary Wharf, Greenwich, Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral… the list goes on and on…

One of the reasons we like London is because there’s so much to see and do. And we don’t really get sick of seeing the same things either. It’s also cheap and easy to get to. Less than an hour on a plane which is tolerable.

Although it’s not the cheapest place in the world to stay, there’ll always be a bargain to be found somewhere and even if you have to stay outside the city center, you’re never a 10 minute walk away from a tube station anyway.

Some tips for anyone heading to London;

  • 2 for 1 offers here to many attractions (incl london eye, london zoo & tower of london) if you present national rail paper travelcards.
  • 33% off thames clippers fares when you present travelcards.
  • use’s ‘name your own price’ if you’re not fussy on hotels and just want good value.
  • Go to tkts booth in leicester square for half price west end tickets for shows that day.
  • Try for discounted west end tickets / dinner packages.

Anyway, the hotel i’m staying in this time around doesn’t have free wifi which means i’ll more than likely schedule 3 blog posts to be published whilst i’m away. In years gone by, i quite simply wouldn’t have blogged, but i’m edging closer towards 200 consecutive daily blog posts which puts me under pressure to keep this phenomenal record going. That means more work for me THIS week.

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