london in march

Ireland are playing Brazil in London on March 2nd. If all goes to plan i’ll be at it…

Brazil vs England
Creative Commons License photo credit: riy

It’s a friendly match and probably the best possible opposition… you just know no matter what side Brazil put out, there’ll be goals and there’ll be decent football. It’s a tuesday evening fixture so no doubt there’ll be plenty of big names absent due to ‘injuries’ as clubs won’t want to risk players going in to the business end of a season.

Because it’s during the week i didn’t think i’d be able to go (don’t want to be missing a couple of days off college), but by coincidence the students union sent an email around a few days ago saying rag week had been pushed back by two weeks to week starting march 1st, so it turns out i’ll not be missing anything 🙂

So london in march and i’ll be heading back again in the summer, sometime in June. It’s becoming a home away from home now for me :mrgreen:

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