London in 2 weeks

In just 2 weeks time i’ll be heading off to London for 3 nights.

It was supposed to be a trip centered around a Michael Jackson concert, but we all know it won’t be taking place now!

Creative Commons License photo credit: TW-Production

Today, i got a full £540 refund back from the package deal i had booked and due to fluctuations in exchange rates, i actually got an extra €40 back.

I March, when i booked the trip back in March, i paid €595.52 (equal to £540 at the time). Today, i got back €641.64 :mrgreen:

Anyway, i’m now staying at two hilton hotels. Tower Bridge for one night & Canary Wharf for two nights. Both are ranked in the top 25 london hotels in tripadvisor (out of over 1100 hotels). I seem to be staying in hilton hotels all the time on my trips away but it’s not a conscious decision – i do price around and investigate before i pick a hotel and hilton hotels usually come out on top in reviews and value for money.

I’ve got tickets to see ‘grease’ (the musical) in the west end but apart from that, not much else planned so it should be much more relaxing than my last couple of trips to london.

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