London again in June

Some of my loyal readers my remember i spent a few days in London last summer.

London is a huge city and there’s loads to do… we were on the go constantly and didn’t get to tour wembley, go to Maddam Tussaudes or get to see a West End show.

My girlfriend rang me up last night asking if we could go to an Avril Lavigne concert in belfast… so i checked ticketmaster and sure enough, she has a world tour on at the minute. I’m not really a big Avril Lavigne fan or anything but i like getting away to concerts 🙂

She’s also playing in Cardiff and Manchester, and i had a quick check for flight prices. Within a few hours i’d booked flights to london for €83.84 all in.

I then headed off to priceline, as a i got a superb deal there last year. We got a top class hotel for normal rates. London is the most expensive city i’ve ever been in and it’s a nightmare trying to get a decent hotel at decent prices.

A typical 4 star hotel would cost around €120/night in Dublin. You’d be lucky to get one for under €200 in London.

Anyway, on my first go with priceline, i got the Hilton Olympia Hotel for $170 per night. About €115. Not bad 😎

So flights & accomodation for the two of us, for two nights, will come out at just over €300. As for the avril lavigne concert, haven’t booked the ticket yet as they’re brutal seats. Upper tier, back row and right in the corner of the o2 dome.

We went to Justin Timerlake last year there, so i know the layout of the arena. I’ll see if i can work any magic to get better tickets, but if not, we’ll go and see grease or something in the west end.

So it’s something to look forward to and a nice time to be going away… mid-week the first week in June so the weather should be ok and it won’t be *too* busy.

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