Logitech VX Nano Review

I ordered a VX nano on Monday evening, Less than 48 hours later i have it in my hands. That’s what you call service. It makes it all the more sweeter the fact the same mouse is now €10 more expensive than what i paid it for 2 days ago :mrgreen:

It’s €48 to buy on dell.ie now. I got it for €38 thanks to a 20% discount i stumbled upon which expired on Monday. Free delivery too so it was too tempting. I’d heard great things about the VX nano so i decided to roll with it even though i could have just settled for a cheap and cheerful wireless or optical mouse.

VX nano

The first thing that hits me about the VX nano is it’s size. It’s perfect for a laptop / netbook. I have a full size Logitech MX 3200 keyboard / mouse combo for my desktop but i wanted a mini mouse to keep up the ultra portable theme. Unlike most mini mice, it has extra buttons on it which can be programmed to do anything you want. Very handy for quick knifing and reloading of weapons in call of duty quick opening of files and applications 😉

One thing i love about the MX 600 is the way it just wraps itself around your hand effortlessly. It feels beautiful to hold and it’s a a joy to work with every day. I hate having to use normal microsoft or dell mice now – logitech have me spoiled. The VX nano isn’t as curvy as the mx 600, but it has subtle rubberized ‘dents’ on either side which allow for easy griping.

VX nano & MX 600

Underneath is where the magic happens though. It’s a wireless mouse, so it needs a dongle or wireless usb receiver to connect to the PC. And here it is compared to a mini SD card.

VX nano bottom

Ridiculously small. Any smaller and i wouldn’t be able to get enough grip to pull the receiver out of the usb slot 😉

Anyway, it has an on / off button underneath plus an ingenious hidden compartment for the usb receiver when not in use. You simply slot the usb receiver in to it’s slot (directly above the big red button in above pic) and use the big red ‘ejector’ button to release it when needed. That classy touch makes it perfect to carry about everywhere. Very james bond 😉

So i’m delighted with the VX nano, it’ll be the perfect companion for my Samsung NC10 when it arrives. It also comes in a nice little pouch which should help keep it scratch and dirt free! I never did like touchpads, i only use them as a last resort or if i’m in bed or on an uneven surface or something.

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