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A couple of days ago LinkedIn released a news ‘classmates‘ feature. Amongst other things it can be used to check out where all alumni of a college are working now, what they’re doing and where they’re living… it gives a fascinating insight in to what happens to people after college and what colleges seem to have ties with certain businesses… i’ll demonstrate with my own college, DkIT…

DkIT Alumni (1970-present day) – where are they all now?

Of 2,981 alumni, 78% are still living in Ireland. The biggest ’employer’ is the college itself (52) although as far as I can see that counts students who are currently studying there as being ’employed’ there which is a bit misleading.

DkIT LinkedIn

You can see the college quite clearly have a good relationship with Hewlett-Packard & IBM – i can vouch for this because we were often told it by lecturers. Most popular job industries? Engineering followed by IT. Interestingly, although 19 people are employed by Oracle, 7 are in sales and just 4 are in IT.

This tool should be a big help to future students who want to see for themselves what colleges have relationships with what companies. For colleges, it’s also a great way to keep tabs on who’s doing what and will allow them to put together some stats. Will it be used? You bet it won’t 😉

It’s features like this which once again are made possible by open data… people sharing their personal information. It’s fantastic to see data like this being brought to life and packaged up nicely for us to dissect. If nobody made their job title or employer public, we wouldn’t have that chart above and it’s important people realise that.

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