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Yesterday, Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple’s CEO. Not a massive surprise as he hasn’t been in the best of health over the past couple of years, but still the end of an era for Apple…

Steve Jobs is on My Desk

Sitting on my desk right now is an iPod, an iPhone, two Mac keyboards a Mac Mini computer. This coming from someone who didn’t / doesn’t like touchscreen phones and doesn’t like Apple computers… and that’s what Steve Jobs has done for Apple. He’s not only made them a household name, but made their products things you can’t live without or things which do stuff better than their competitors. I’m by no means an ‘average’ tech user but i know plenty of those guys with Apple products on their desks too.

For that, he’ll go down in history as one of the greatest CEOs of all time. No banking scandals and not a false God, just a good CEO who took Apple from rags to riches the right, legal, hard way. At least that’s how it would seem, maybe skeleton’s will pop up in time (like the banking guys) but innocent until found guilty.

The New Guy

I couldn’t care less who is CEO of a company. I buy products, not people. If i were a shareholder, it’d be different. But i recognise certain people have more charm and influence than others. Jobs created a hardcore, fanatical group of Apple fans who to them, was a God…. Apple, their religion. That hardcore group of fans grew and grew from an outcast minority in to an accepted majority (in my opinion). Jobs was largely responsible for that… just like a manager of a football team, he’s the genius when things are right and the villain when things go wrong. Right now, Jobs bows out at the top of his game, like all great footballers & managers do. Pride & respect intact.

The man who replaces him is Tim Cook. Time will tell whether he has the same God-like appeal to Apple fans but he’s been around long enough to know Apple inside out so i’m guessing we’ll see ‘more of the same’ from Apple just without the mass hysteria Jobs can bring to Keynote presentations. He’s got a big pair of shoes to fill though 🙂

Here’s a Jobs presentation from 1998…


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