libraries and books are worthless

I’ve been in our college library once and that was because i had a class on there introducing me on how it works 🙄

Never been a book lover, never will be.

I’ve only ever read one book from start to finish on my own. Hand on heart.

Remarkable, considering my standard of english and ability to write effortlessly 🙂 My spelling may have suffered somewhat due to my lack of reading, but apart from that, i don’t think i’ve missed much. Plus, who needs to spell nowadays when we’ve got spell checkers 😎

The reason i dig up this subject is that i’ve a little assignment to do, in which it’s compulsary to review and reference at least one book in my chosen subject. That sucks to be honest. Here i am, in an IT/college, with hundreds of computers, all with broadband, doing a computing course, yet being forced to read books.

There’s something wrong there 🙄 However i could be very evil and twist this assignment into a ‘the role of books in modern research’ assignment which slams lecturers for being old fashioned and failing to adapt/move with technology 😈 😈 😈

After all, the assignment can be on anything we want 😎

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  1. For research yeah I agree trawling through PDF files trying to find information is much more efficient than using books.
    But there’s nothing better than chilling out with a good book. Have some culture, man! 😆

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