lets go skydiving

So yesterday, i was talking to a friend. She wanted to go skydiving (like a lifetime ambition type thing) but nobody would go with her. Why? – i don’t know – it’s only jumping out of plane at 10,000ft – what’s the problem people? 😉

It took me about 10 seconds to agree. Although it’s not something i’ve ever really thought about, it is one of those crazy things you see people doing and wonder what it’s like. A bit like bungee jumping or swimming with sharks etc…

I can’t think of a more surreil experience – jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, falling at 200km/hr to the ground and then opening a parachute to glide back to earth before the ground get’s too close for comfort 😉

When i heard the cash was going to charity i was even more sold on the idea… surely i could do something creative online to raise the cash… (it costs €640 per person or ~$1000)

The fear factor isn’t a problem, i know if people had donated cash to see it and i’d done something creative online for it all, i’d have to go ahead with it… even if it did kill me :mrgreen:

Any thoughts? Would there be more people willing to take the plunge?

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  1. What precentage of your fee, $1000 goes to the charity ? Wouldn’t it be better to give it all directly to the charity, rather than paying money for the jump. It seems like this is something, so that you have a great time jumping out of a plane, and the charity and the sky dive company share the money.

  2. can’t say exactly Becky, haven’t looked in to it much as i’ve just been talking with a friend, but you’re right – 100% won’t be going to charity (i’m pretty sure)…

    but to make up for that i had planned on spending whatever DOESN’T go to charity on a prize or something and then raffle it off to all the people who sponsor me… using the prize as an added incentive for people to donate other than the obvious incentive of watching me been thrown out of an airplane 🙂

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