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The leaving cert is now officially over for all students. Search for anything related to ‘leaving cert’ terms and you’ll find at least one of our sites right up at the top of google 🙂 June is our busiest month on theleavingcert.com and every year just keeps getting busier and busier…

Below is a screenshot from google analytics of theleavingcert.com’s traffic from May 25th – June 25th.


And here’s how it compares to the same period last year. As you can see, a massive 338% increase in visits. 234% increase in pageviews.


So how are people getting to the site? What are they searching for??? Here’s our top 10 keywords (which people type in to google, see our listing and eventually come to our site through…)


And now an overall view of the top 10 places our traffic is coming from…

traffic sources

50,000 visits/month is pretty good. If we were to get that every month, it would be 600,000/visits per year. Is that doable? I think so. Whilst ‘visits’ may have a bit of a ceiling (there’s only so many people interested in leaving cert content every year), page views don’t have a cap and that’s what we need to work on. We need to keep people on the site longer. That means more features & more content.

More features & content will naturally bring with them more traffic. It’s a snowball effect. Of course we can’t just introduce any old features, people actually have to want them and we must know that people will use them before we implement them.

My post yesterday about thinking outside the box applies to this site too. This is very much an old fashioned place to be. There’s no creativity, no fun, it’s boring. I’m talking about leaving cert / leaving cert websites. It’s all much too formal and stale. There isn’t any love for the sites. I can see why too… it’s not a big enough market to profit from, at least that’s what the stats will say. Thinking outside the box is perhaps where we have an advantage. The stats you see this year should only be a shadow of the stats you’ll see next year 😈

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