leaving cert site gets revamped

One of my largest sites – theleavingcert.com has just been revamped. I’ve been working on it for the last few weeks on and off and *thinking* of working on it for the last few months 😉

This latest revamp has finally gone live though and i’m sure there’ll be plenty of little bits and pieces added to it over the next few days too. There is only so much testing and tweaking you can do in private.

theleavingcert.com revamp

I’ve put a lot more thought and effort in to this revamp than i usually do simply because the site deserves it. On paper, it’s my biggest & most successful site to date and i’m hoping this revamp will keep it heading in the right direction.

I’ve been busy all day working on theleavingcert.com and also doing a bit of work for someone in a rural area which involved setting up a dial-up connection which was fun 🙂 Mobile broadband will work in the general area (some people can get it, others can’t) but keeps cutting off intermittently inside the home (with different providers) so i couldn’t recommend it. Probably has something to do with all the hills around! Until /if another solution is found, dial up is!

Speaking of networking, i’ve also bought myself a new wireless router. A D-Link Xtreme 655. I bought it because it’s the fastest wireless router i came across that has a solid reputation. Itwill crushe my current 4 year old US Robotics router for local wifi networking.

Now that i have a PS3, this router should allow me to stream High Def Videos from PC to PS3 which will come in handy. Buying speed is always a wise investment.

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  1. You should try get in contact with Three for them. If the dongle doesn't work they give you a booster to try and if that doesn't work they install a dish for you for 49 under the National Broadband Scheme I think it is. Pretty sure anywhere can pick up the siganl with the dishes they are supposed to be huge. This is just info I got from someone else, would deffo be an improvement on dial up for them.

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