Leaving Cert Results Out

Yet again high rates of failure in math – anyone who fails math is effectively banned from 3rd level education (ok, that’s harsh – but most 3rd level courses require passing maths as a minimum requirement.)

More people than ever (200) got the maximum available 600 points. Walsho got 510 – congrats 😉

Here‘s what the government have to say;

Mathematical concepts, models and techniques are central to working in technology, finance, pharmaceutical and medical devices, sectors the Government has invested in heavily.

IBEC said the situation is so critical that it needed to be reinforced by other measures, including the reintroduction of bonus points for higher-level maths as a short-term solution to falling numbers selecting science, technology, engineering and maths at third-level and more maths teaching time.

I’m telling you now the problem is a lack of interest and sheer laziness. Maths for the leaving cert was a nightmare for me – because i didn’t give a damn what x and y did – it was boring as it was just letters and numbers and useless equations i’d probably never use again… no stimulation, no games…

Until you can tell students WHY they need maths, you’re not going to motivate them.

The rise in 600 pointers imo, is a direct result of technology. It’s easier than ever to get information when you want it. It reduces time wasted in libraries looking for books etc… quick text to a friend or a quick google will most likely answer your question in 2 minutes. We’re also richer than ever before, apparently 7 in 10 students now take grinds at some stage – something i completely disagree with but that’s another thing…

Due to the heavy reliance on technology – students can’t go back to caveman times and study maths by reading. I know that because that’s exactly the way i am. I could get 100% in any maths exam you give me provided you can teach my the maths using computer models or relate it to real life situations, give me games etc…

That’s NOT being done and it’s having a detrimental effect on failure numbers. Maths should be fun, Irish should be fun… they shouldn’t make students turn against the subject but that’s exactly what’s happening and the statistics show it.

Apparently the maths course is being revised and rolled out on a ‘pilot basis’ – whatever that means. Too little too late. Should have been done 10 years ago.

3 thoughts on “Leaving Cert Results Out”

  1. I laugh at those who take grinds… while I was having a great time sleeping during school and whatnot, they weren’t even taking time off after school.
    All I had to do was sacrifice a few hundred points here and there. 😀

    70% is insane though… probably all in maths is it?

  2. i’d imagine most of it is in maths all right, but we’re talking about general easter revision courses and christmas courses and stuff too…

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