learning css & xhtml

I already know CSS and xhtml, i mean i understand it all when i look at it and i can edit it no problem.
But when it comes to writing it from scratch in textpad or something, goodluck 😉

I got 43% in an xhtml exam which is pretty pathetic really. Didn’t give a dam about it as i knew i would pass plus i knew i could make up ground later on anyway, which is what i’ll have to do…

I’m determined to nail 100% in CSS however. I’ve been more switched on now these past few days and i’ll take my college stuff online and experiment a bit with CSS until i’m 100% happy with it.

It’s easy really, just a case of knowing how to differentiate between xhtml and CSS and getting all the hyphens and spelling right….

99% of the problems which i can’t figure out, all come down to stupid spelling mistakes which i only realise after spending about 20 minutes looking for them 🙄

That’s why i hate handcoding stuff… WYSIWYG editors rock 😀

Anyway, i may as well take advantage of what i’m doing in college and start beefing up my own knowledge of CSS while i’m on the subject.

Hopefully once i get my office in shape, i can then start designing, slicing and coding wordpress themes and the like…

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  1. Good to see you learning xhtml/css. I do it everyday in my job at a web company. I have to say that when i look back to when i first started out, i say to myself, was i really that bad! I will be showcasing some of the work i’ve done for clients on my blog.

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