learner driver loopholes a thing of the past

As most of you will know, like all Irishmen, i have a fixation with Irish driving and roads and an ability to get very angry about it all 😎

I’ve blogged about loopholes in our system before. But for those who don’t know (to my international readers), we can sit a test in Ireland, fail it, and legally drive away from the test center on our own. That’s a joke of a situation. Just 6 months ago i was a learner, and had i not passed my test, today’s news would have me very worried…

Futher more, we can get in to a car without ever having driven in our lives, and again, legally, and be allowed to drive on our own around towns/cities up and down the country (just not motorways). Now you see why i’m highly critical of our driving and our system/laws.

Today, all of that nonsense has ended. The RSA, from Oct 30th are getting rid of the above loopholes for learner drivers. From Oct 30th, you can now be fined up to €1000 for driving on your own (previously, there was no punishment given if you were caught driving on your own).

But look at that date… Oct 30th. That’s less than a week away. I find it remarkable something like this can just come in to effect like that. Surely it needs to be publicised more and give learner drivers time to apply for tests/arrange alternative transport to work/college etc.. it’s a pretty huge rule change which will effect a lot of people.

Whether or not this will be enforced is another matter 🙄 I doubt it. This is something like i would propose. A no-nonsense, just do it and shut up and get on with it attitude… take the law in next week and clamp down from day one. A huge garda presence on the roads for the first few days to scare people into taking the rule seriously.

Well fair play to the RSA, they’ve done exactly that – taken in this rule just like that, almost overnight. I doubt we’ll see the garda presence though. We don’t have that iron fist mentality to enforce laws. So although this is a huge rule change, i doubt it will stop many learner drivers from driving by themselves.

2 thoughts on “learner driver loopholes a thing of the past”

  1. Only thing that might make learner drivers think about driving on their own after October 30th is the possibility that they may not be covered by insurance if they knowingly break the law.

    Insurance companies love excuses not to pay.

    I reckon enforcement is the only way and a learner driver will be mad to drive unaccompanied after the 30th because the minute they produce a license to a Garda they’ll be caught straight away.

    About time the loophole was closed. All secondary school students should have driver ed etc. as part of their curriculum. Education is the only way attitudes can be changed.

    All the ‘learners’ who take the car to school will now have to think twice about it. The local secondary school here is next to the Garda station …. should make for interesting watching to see if this will impact on the stream of ‘L’ plated cars leaving the school at 3.50 !

    Now where did I leave my driver? James ….. where are you? :mrgreen:

  2. yeah, at college, the place is FULL of ‘L’ plates, so it will be interesting to see if the L plates or the cars disappear over the weekend 😉

    good point about the insurance thing, never thought about that… they didn’t care previously but now, as you point out, it’s against the law and a punishable offence to drive on your own so no doubt they’ll wise up to that – although on the flip side of that, you’d then expect insurance prices to come down for learners, can’t see that happening :mrgreen:

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