Leading the Irish on PeekYou..

PeekYou now has over 50m profiles. Time to start taking it seriously :mrgreen:

PeekYou Ireland has about 7,000 profiles currently. Guess who’s no.1 😈

As far as i can see, i’m the only person who’s taken the time to fill out my profile properly. It’s a great way to keep track of all you’re social networking profiles.. it’s also a handy tool to contact people/view their profiles.. of course it’s early days and nobody uses it much, but it’s yet another way to promote yourself /your sites so i figured if it send me one or two visits it’s worth it 🙂

As with all of these profiles/social networking/personal info sites, it has potential to do damage to your chances of getting a job as my name for example is very high up on google, so any employer can google me and find a wealth of information about me..

But i figure that’s a good thing as they’ll see i’m reliable, genuine and trustworthy.. they’ll see that from this blog, my ebay feedback, linked in contacts etc.. Ok, so it’s a risky move.. the employer could find out for example i’ve been stabbing my old workmates behind their backs.

But if you’ve got nothing to hide, why not lay your cards out on the table and let the employer make the decision? At the end of the day, if you worry about someone seeing your bebo profile or your personal blog, then you’ve obviously got something to hide and some sort of habits/traits that you want to cover up.

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  1. Quite a profile you have there. Did you know that this site is from the same people who brought you ratemyteachers.ie.

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