Late Rally up the Geansai Gorm charts

This week has been an awful week for me online. In what should have been the final push to top this geansai gorm competition, i was in bed at 10pm most nights and not at all motivated plus i’ve been snowed under with college work.

I noticed the site slip down to 5th or 6th in the pecking order and thought that was that – the others were now putting the boot down and breaking away.

Today however, Geansai Gorm News is back up in 3rd spot. With just 2 days remaining, it’s looking good for me. A podium finish perhaps 😉 I’ll be more than happy to finish in 3rd spot now under the circumstances.

3rd place geansai gorm

Once this contest is finished, I’ll also be revealing the tactics i’ve used to get the site to where it is plus the tactics others have used to go one step further and beat me.

Wherever i finish, it won’t end here either – i’ll continue to work on the site until it ranks no.1.

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