last minute (as in Christmas Day last minute) gift ideas

It may be 11pm on Christmas eve and all shops might be closed, but there’s still loads of time left… no worries 😉 Realistically you won’t have to give presents to anyone until tomorrow morning at the earliest so that means you have all night to pull a rabbit out of a hat… thanks to the internet, you still have options…

Amazon gift voucher

Probably the best present you could give to anyone who ever buys something online. Amazon have gift vouchers down to a fine art. You can mail them out (too late to do that now), you can print them out (probably best) or you can email the person their gift voucher if you happen to be out of ink or don’t have a printer. Nobody is gonna chuck an amazon voucher in the bin.

Itunes gift voucher

An itunes gift voucher is perfect for anyone with an iphone, ipod, ipad or any music / movie lover. Again, this will be used, it’s not the sort of thing that gets thrown in the bin or is allowed expire.

Hotel Break

Booking a hotel last minute is always a nice option if you don’t want to go the gift voucher route. The problem with this is that if you commit to dates and
you’re not 100% sure the recipient is off work, it turns in to hassle. So it’s best to try and book hotels that will allow you to cancel and reschedule for no fee.


You can’t book ticketmaster gift vouchers online which is ridiculous in my opinion, but you can book tickets to events, so if you can find any music or sporting event your loved ones might be interested in, this is a more creative option than just a gift voucher although again it pins them down to certain times and dates.

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