last full week of college

This week will be my last full week at college this year. In fact might even be off on Thursday because of that planned strike. Next week (Monday 7th – Friday 11th December) i’ll have to go in on the Friday for an exam and possibly on the Thursday too. It’s supposed to be a study week (which would imply studying), but ‘supposed to’s’ and ‘should be’s’ regularly appear in posts when i’m talking about College.

The Last One
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kris *Thirty6Red*

Anyway, this week is the last real hurdle before the finish line (which is the final exams). I’ve one or two projects due and after that, i’ll slowly begin to get more time to myself each week. My final exams end on December 22nd and from then on i’m a free agent until at least mid-January.

During that free time last year i spent most of it working on BeerChief and ironically i’ll probably be doing the same this year. BeerChief of course has been a real disappointment so far, but i haven’t forgotten about it and once it’s up this time, it’ll be up for good.

I also have a revamp planned for (about 50% through that) and although i could put that live this year, i’ll probably wait until early January now. This time last year i was struggling to do anything thanks to a bout of pneumonia, but so far this winter i’m safe & well and not nearly as tired as i thought i’d be.

Last winter all i can remember is dark days, tiredness, extreme cold and exhaustion. So far this winter, i’ve been working hard but not at the stuff i enjoy… once i finish up in college, i’ll be able to work on my online projects and that’s when i’m happiest / most productive.

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