Last chance to win something!

We’re now in to the last few days of my charity skydiving contest. It’s flown by and although i’m nowhere near my $1000 target, i have raised over $200 thus far which is respectable.

This was just one idea i had and i’ve learned a lot from it all. My strength was in finding people to sponsor prizes… the fact i’ll be printing a t-shirt with my sponsor’s logos on it went down well – that helped secure prizes.

charity competition

Actually getting people to donate cash was / is the hard part. Not as easy. I wasn’t overly aggressive marketing this but then again it is all for charity and the last thing i want to do is (a) spend all of my time focusing on this (b) get to the point where i push it so much, it damages my rep.

But i’ll not be simply ‘giving up’ here… i may not actually be completing the skydive until next spring due to a variety of reasons (i’ll go into them once the competition ends), but i’ll certainly be flexing my creative muscles online again for more fun and games in relation to this skydive.

As things stand there are about 25 entries in to this competition with over 35 prizes so if you’re not in, you’re missing out 😉 4 x $50 cash prizes up for grabs remember + a whole bunch of other webmaster goodies.

All you gotta do is comment on this post to have a chance of winning something! If you’re feeling extra generous, why not donate a $1 or two 🙂

The competition draws to a close on Tuesday September 30th and on October 1st i’ll be revealing a full list of entrants and their assigned numbers. On October 2nd i’ll record a screencast of me generating random numbers and assigning the prizes to people – no catches – all above board :mrgreen:

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  1. I noticed you had 9 contributors.
    If you judge your RSS subscribers for your amount of actual readers, it means you convinced almost 10 percent of your readers to donate. Nothing at all wrong with the marketing system your using in my opinion 🙂 Best of luck with it.

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