Knocked Up – the movie..

I went to see Knocked Up last night..


Wasn’t a great film tbh, more of a chic flick but it was a good laugh at times 😆

Anyway, there was this group of guys who were working on a website for months That was their ‘job’ when in reality they were unemployed..

They would make a list of actresses, the film’s they stared in and the exact time at which they got naked in the film :mrgreen:

They spent like months ‘working’ on this, watching films and jotting down the exact times of nudity.. then one day someone said to them ‘isn’t that exactly like’ (not safe for work links..)

And it was one of them head bashing moments where all your work is in vain 😆

Anyway, i could relate to that. There’s nothing worse than having an idea, thinking it’s brilliant, then discover there’s 20 other sites out there with the exact same idea 😡

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