killing time

I’m sitting here trying to kill a bit of time, so what better way to kill time than to do a bit of blogging 🙂

My lecturer didn’t show and we were scheduled in for 3 1 hour sessions, so i’ve 3 hours to burn.. (well 15 minutes now)..

So i’m actually turning some of my downtime/killing time into creative /working time by blogging 😈

That’s worth ethic for you 😉

Time is the most valuable currency we have, so why burn it? That’s what i say 😆

2 thoughts on “killing time”

  1. not for another while (while = infinity) :mrgreen:

    it’s a tricky one.. all a bit of a mess, but believe me, i’m gonna start putting the boot down on it soon as it’s really getting to me – the lack of work on it.

    i’ll blog about over the next few days….

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