killer post #1 flopped

On Monday, i published a post titled 18 FREE font resources.

It’s flopped in my view. There was a rise in traffic all right, but it was minimal, not what i had expected.


It’s disappointing, but i won’t concede defeat just yet. It took a few days before my 21 webmaster resources post got any traffic but it’s now turned out to be the most successful post i’ve ever written.

I’ll be publishing another useful webmaster post tomorrow. I’ve changed the topic slightly from ‘general webmaster resources’ to ‘open source clones’. I’m working on it as i write this post. This is more of an experimental post and involves me using my newly aqcuired photoshop skills to compliment the content.

If it doesn’t generate traffic, and if monday’s post fails to generate any major traffic over the next few days, i’ll be surprised. I won’t stop making these killer posts though either way – once i get my new theme sorted you can expect lots more…

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