Killer Mobiles..

Came across this article on skynews.

A chinese man was killed when his mobile blew up in his shirt pocket 😯

Scary stuff.. a motorola apparently, but then again it’s china so the chances of the phone being 100% motorola are very slim 😉

I was thinking to myself, if this was indeed a regular occurance, would it stop people using their mobiles? somehow i doubt it. I can’t picture myself without a mobile in my pocket or on my person somewhere..

I’ve heard of laptops exploding, flashlights exploding, but never mobile phones.. I’d imagine it was caused by one of those chinese super high capacity batteries that are supposed to give more battery life. I doubt it was a normal battery, unless of course it was left outside in 40 degree sun all day or something… I can only imagine the pain of an explosion in my pocket 😕

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