Kicking it up a notch

It’s pretty clear this Geansai Gorm contest is gonna be a lot tighter than expected. was ranked 6th at it’s peak a couple of days ago but it’s slipped back to 12th today for the term ‘geansai gorm‘ in

Overall, it’s ranked 7th now in this competition. So i’ve unleashed a secret weapon – blockbuster style video 😈

Geansai Gorm Video from Geansai Gorm

Try to top that lads 😉 I mean it when i say this a ‘geansai gorm’ war :mrgreen: I’ve upped the anti on this today and got plenty more backlinks – feel free to give me some more 🙂

This increased workrate comes at a time when i believe other sites are putting the boot down and getting away from the pack… almost like marathon runners deliberately bunching up and conserving energy then when one moves, they all make a dash for the line – well the dash for the line has come with almost 3 weeks to go so inevitably some guys are gonna get burned out by that stage – i’ll not be one of them 😉

I can’t be if i’m to finish near the top of this thing….

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