keeping the wheels moving

I always take turning up at classes and exams for granted. I just expect to be in college Monday – Friday, 9-5 every single day. On wednesdays and friday i get home slightly earlier, so they’re always nice ‘rewards’.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Captain Nandu Chitnis

In my first few weeks in college (1st year), i noticed straight away that although i had to travel an hour to get in to college, i had better attendance than people who actually lived close by. Why does that matter? Well i’ve done no research and have no proof to back it up, but i’m guessing that there’s a link between being in classes and passing subjects.

As simple as it sounds and as much as i take it for granted, simply getting out of bed and driving to and from college everyday is *probably* the most important / difficult thing i have to do every day – not because it’s mentally challenging, but because it would be so easy to just skip a day here and there or go in late etc… Over time, that would have a cumulative effect and could be the difference between passing and failing exams.

After all, nobody checks attendance, nobody cares what marks you get etc… so being self-motivated is a really crucial part of college life. It is very much like my one post a day policy on this blog. Nobody but myself cares or checks that, but i know deep down that it’s a good habit to get in to. Blogging forces me to think and to write – both of which can only improve my own knowledge and understanding of things, ability to get points across etc…

Miss one day of blogging, and the chain is broken. The wheels stop. It takes much more energy to move a wheel from a standing point than it does to move it when it’s already in motion so that’s why i always try to keep the content flowing around here.

Applying that same attitude to everything is very difficult though – probably impossible. If you can stick at every single project and task thrown at you without flinching, then you’re probably a computer 🙂 So all we can do is prioritise things and try to stick at the important stuff… right now that’s college for me.

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