just showing off?

Eye of the Camera
Image by fensterbme via Flickr

As if to rub salt in the wounds of the competition for our video project at college, i’ve begun mastering the art of multi-camera angles in premier pro – just because i can :mrgreen:

This is really cool as it allows me to edit video like pro. If i have more than two camera angles of the same scene, i can flick between the two as i want – allowing me to get the best shots possible and also keep the viewer interested as one camera, not moving, is extremely boring to watch.

Multi-angle scenes look really professional and although it’s more work for me, it looks great for the finished product. So for a 90 second clip, i’m just after flicking back and forth between cameras about 30 times.

Still no demo’s yet though, this is being kept under wraps until completion. Once it is fully complete, i have about a month’s worth of blog posts and tutorials lined up for you guys though!

Had i been able to get a green screen, professional camcorder equipment and tripods… wireless mics etc… this may actually have passed as a professional production 🙂

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