Just raided ebay..

Following my n95 purchase, i’ve been auction snipering :mrgreen: on ebay for a few hours trying to outbid people at the last few seconds for 2gb MicroSd’s.. :mrgreen:

I got fed up and in the end set a max bid of £9.00 on an auction, then went away for a hour. I then forgot about it and got an automated email saying i’d won at £8.50 :mrgreen: So in total €23.31 including delivery with a card reader thrown in. The cheapest i could find from an online retailer delivered was €40.

I then bought a protective film for the n95’s screen. So i did a bit on investigating on screen protectors and ended up buying this from ebay for €5.88. I know from experience dirt and scratches can build up on a screen and that’s the last thing i want with a €700 phone. I’ll want to keep it ship shape during it’s first year so that i can proudly show it off 😆

So in total €705.92 spent online today.

About $2 earned online today.

Maths was never my strongest subject 😎

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