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I thought this revamp on theleavingcert.com would be a smart move, but just a few days in and we’ve been amazed by the response. Part one of the revamp aka students.theleavingcert.com is creating a rather large headache for us…

Accept or Reject?

Content overload. User overload. Limit. Exceed. We’ve had an incredible amount of applications for our blogging team of 2010/2011. It’s getting to the stage now where we can’t really accept more no matter how incredibly gifted they are with words. Which is a shame. So we must think on our feet and make quick decisions. This is a time to be creative and turn problems in to solutions. Make things work for everyone.

The ‘problem’ we face is accepting too many bloggers. Too many bloggers is of course great for us, it means more content. But we must also protect our existing bloggers and give them the opportunity to be heard. They can’t be heard if there’s floods posts coming in day by day. And that’s what will happen if we don’t have limits and caps on the number bloggers.

But this is a very nice, unexpected problem to have… don’t feel sorry for me. It just gives forces me to think on my feet and revamp the revamp.

No. Just no.

Whatever it is, i’m not doing it. With immediate effect, i’m stopping all work on any other projects. I have a few client sites to take care of but after that, i’m refusing all work / partnerships / anything that takes up time. The reason for that is theleavingcert.com. theleavingcert.com is growing too rapidly and showing too much promise to just ignore.

It’s eating up so much of my time now that i may as well commit to it full time, officially. I also start back in college in a couple of weeks time so i really won’t have the time for anything else.

Whatever the question is, no is the answer until further notice 😉

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