just got two new PS3 games


Last night, i decided to update my PS3’s software. I’ve done it once or twice before and i keep getting an alert every time i play a dvd that it needs updating but i ignore it. I play no games in general. I used to play a lot but deliberately try to stay away from them these days…

Why bother getting two new games then, stupid?

Well because they were free. All thanks to the sony playstation hacking saga. In acknowledgement that they messed up, (to put it mildly) sony are offering 2 free games to playstation network users. That’s me. I’m a playstation network user 🙂

I think i signed up on day one when i got my ps3 and hadn’t accessed it since then. But i was still deeply upset and hurt by the playstation network hacking of course. It gave me nightmares 🙂 So if you’re a loyal customer like i am, Sony offer you 2 free games. Well ok, you don’t have to be loyal, you just have to be a customer on or before April 21st 2011.

Dead Nation

There were 5 games on offer, none of which i’d ever heard of before. So picked the ones that didn’t look like they were made for children. Dead Nation & Wipeout HD + Fury. And there you have it… two new games which boosts my collection to 3 games. The other game i have came with the PS3 as part of a deal… i thought it’d be stupid to buy a PS3 and not have at least one game… i played that for a day or two and went back to my non gaming ways.

When will i start playing games?

I’ve said it before but it’s not that i don’t like games, it’s that they’re too damn addictive. When i’m signing blank cheques for myself and worrying about whether to invest in oil or gold, that’s when i can start playing games with a clear conscience 🙂

I’ll mess about with these two games for a while, then get back to work or get back to thinking about work. If there’s no blog post from me tomorrow, i’ll have got the disease that is gaming addiction. I already don’t like dead nation because it’s not a first person shooter… the angle the camera is at leaves me feeling disconnected from the game. But i’m not a gaming expert, so take everything a say with a pinch of salt…

Wipeout HD Fury reminds me a bit of this motorbike dude in yesterday’s post;

So the bottom line is i don’t like either game and probably won’t ever play them again, but i find that a lot with these modern games. Just can’t get stuck in to them. Can’t complain i’m not getting value for money though 🙂 It was a smart but necessary move by Sony to restore trust.

Best game ever?

I’ve probably spent more time playing this game than i have blogging (and that’s saying something!)… mind you i probably haven’t played it since i started blogging…

Championship Manager 01/02

Likewise with Grand Theft Auto Vice City… these were the days before broadband and where entertainment for me (and most other people) was offline. It’s hard to think those days were less than a decade ago…

GTA vice city

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