just got a laser/debit card

I arrived home today to find a new laser/debit/maestro (whatever you call it) card awaiting me.


Did i order one? No 🙄

I’ve just been given it automatically as my bank is ‘updating their services’.

This is the same bank, that 18 months ago, refused my credit card application despite me having more savings with them than i’ve ever had before or since. Eventually i got a credit card after much arguing.

So today, i get thrown a laser card, no questions asked, for no reason. Nice the way they do that just when your balance is at a low point 😡

So even more ways to spend what little money i have. You generally can’t buy anything online with a laser card (which is stupid). It takes money directly out of your bank account and won’t allow you to take out an overdraft so basically it’s a ‘debt-proof credit card’ in that you can’t build up debt on it and don’t pay interest.

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