just do it

just do it

A famous slogan which never gets old and can be applied to anything. Unfortunately there are a lot of things which stop us from ‘just doing it’. Time, money & skill are high on that list…

This is where organisation & patience come in. If you’re well organised and understand results are never instant, you’re more likely to succeed at something. If you want to learn to drive, get a car & pass a test, it’s no good just saying ‘”i want to drive”. It’s just a statement, you don’t sign contracts with anyone, there is no pressure to fulfill that goal only the pressure from yourself which depending on your character & personality might be zero. So that just becomes a star in the sky, like many others. Want it all you want, you’re never gonna get it.

If however you apply for a theory test, research driving, learn about cars etc… then that’s a starting point. It’s progress. It’s a stepping stone. Success comes at the end of a big line of stepping stones and the sooner we realize that, the sooner reality kicks in. Reality being it’s easy to talk, much more difficult to do.

I’m the sort of person that wants instant success. If i sit exams, i want the results right after them. If i order something online today, i want it delivered tomorrow… So it’s difficult for me to accept that i need to cross stepping stones, but as a grow older and wiser i’m beginning to accept it more.

‘Just do it’ makes it sound so easy, so simple, so instant. Achieving something ‘big’ is never easy and that’s why it’s ‘big’ in our minds. However, hopping from one stepping stone to the next, that’s relatively easy. And if we plant more stepping stones in between existing ones, it becomes easier and easier to move from one to the next. Sure, you might end up having to cross thousands of stepping stones, but the end result is that you get to your destination.

So if you want to ‘just do it’, lay as many stepping stones as possible between where you are now and your end destination. It might take time to get there, but you will get there. No stepping stones and you’ll sink sooner or later. Sometimes we must accept that we can’t take huge leaps overnight, no matter how hard we try.

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