June 2011 Review

june 2011 review

In June i got back to blogging daily after several months of ‘bits and pieces’ blogging. So i’ve proven to myself that whilst it’s easy to break habit, getting back in to it isn’t impossible. In July, i probably won’t be as prolific but that’s because i’ll be away for 4 or 5 days later in the month.. What did i get up to in June? Here’s what…


I uploaded some edited holiday photos from my trip to Croatia / Bosnia Herzegovina.

College Results

I got my 4th year, final results from college and ended up getting a 2.1 honours degree in IT Management, as i’d predicted. I also uploaded my dissertation online.


I went to a careers fair in the RDS, which hopefully i won’t ever need to go to again 🙂 I’ve been working on and off on a project for the past 6 months or so which is finally starting to go places.

July Challenge

Determined to get more active on social media, i also came up with the idea for a ‘July challenge’. Yesterday i went in to detail on what that will involve and so far, i’m already much more active with social media, so it’s working 🙂

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