June 2010 Review

june 2010 review

Another month has passed and it was quite a good one for me… i got confirmation of a degree, broke traffic records with theleavingcert.com and went to london for a few days…


I was always confident i’d get a degree and even predicted the exact grade it’d get which turned out to be right. So this wasn’t a surprise and as a result it didn’t mean that much to me at the time. Still, it was a historic day. First formal qualification in IT, first degree. I have to at least acknowledge it although it means nothing to me now… the novelty of having a degree lasted about an hour. It will now be buried in the back of my mind until it comes to CVs or interviews.

New Site

I launched fbdislikes.com in June with Ross Beale who at long last has his own portfolio site 😉

New Idea

A short while later, we stumbled upon an old idea i had, talked about it and both agreed it had massive potential if done right. We’ve also teamed up with Matt Davenport to form a three-pronged attack on this project 🙂 This is the sort of idea i’ll drop everything for and work on exclusively. It ticks all the boxes on paper and as i said before, it’s the type of site that once launched, you’ll wonder how nobody ever thought of it before.

Leaving Cert

Record traffic, a takeover, plugs in national newspapers, successful social media engagement… theleavingcert.com has already had it’s best year in 2010 and of course we’re only half way through 2010 :mrgreen: Attack, attack, attack is the mentality now. Keep the momentum going, keep everything rising…


From the 16th June – 19th June i was in London on a mini break. I’ll be doing the same later this month too. I had free wifi in my hotel so i was able to keep blogging throughout and upload pictures day by day.

Although i was really pushed for time and rushed those posts a bit, it’s a fantastic way to look back and recall the trip day by day.

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