july challenge


I haven’t been doing much online lately mainly because i’m working on a big project and will be for some time to come, possibly the rest my life :mrgreen: but i feel the time is right to challenge myself again creatively…

What can i do?

I used to blog daily, then i challenged myself to design daily… i created the odd video or too but i never really got momentum going with that. Likewise with photos, i tend to upload in ‘bursts’. I’d like to get a full month under my belt of either photos or videos.

Daily vlogging? No, i’m not cut out for that yet. My daily vlogs would involve me working solidly at a desk most of the day, but i will experiment with that at a later date. Perhaps i could do reviews or tutorials on certain things… When it comes to photos, i just need a ‘theme’ and i can work away… for some reason i can think more creatively when it comes to photos…

It has to be social

For the guy that did formal academic research & wrote a 90 page dissertation on social media, i’m slacking off in the area myself… well, that’s how it would appear if you’re looking at my social media presence over the past couple of months. Ideally, any challenge i take on will force me to do something with social media too, just to kill two birds with the one stone.

Flickr Meet #3 - NottinghamCreative Commons License photo credit: CraigMarston


I liked my timelapse cloud videos. There was minimal effort involved because i could just hit record and go away for the day. That’s using my head. Can i come up with something similar again? More timelapse stuff? Possibly, i’ve a few ideas in mind. I’ll be at a concert next weekend, plus i’ll be away is Disneyland, Paris at the end of the month so those are big events which bring with them great opportunity to get creative… come on… think…

Ok, some ideas

I’m already starting to come up with ideas but i can’t spoil it all in advance… whatever i end up doing i want it to be done in volume and day after day… something which anyone off the street would find difficult and intimidating to do. That way i don’t get away easy 🙂 Anyway, on July 1st i’ll announce what it is i’ve decided to do for the entire month, day after day. I may not get online day after day in July, but i’ll still do ‘this’… whatever ‘this’ is…

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