July 2011 Review

july 2011 review

I started off July setting down a ‘July Challenge‘ for myself. The challenge was all about increasing my social media activity and trying to meet tough objectives…

July Challenge Results

Of the 7 different targets i set for myself, i hit 3 and missed 4 as seen below…

july challenge results

Overall, i’m pretty pleased with those stats though. Particularly Flickr & Youtube. It shows i’ve been busy adding content to the internet… creating stuff. Every single photo & video i’ve uploaded has a creative commons licence with it so other people can benefit from that stuff, not just by looking at it, but reusing it.

Of the targets i missed, Formspring & Dailybooth are small fish, niche social sites…. i won’t beat myself up over them. Tweeting 10 times a day for me is tough, i can’t suddenly transform myself in to a tweet machine overnight but i averaged almost 5 tweets a day in July and considering i was out of the country / on holidays for about 7, that’s not bad (i’d tweet abroad if it were free).

The whole point of this challenge was to get me creating & sharing more and so it’s been a success. The targets were ambitious because i didn’t want to make it too easy for myself… i wanted to have to consciously work hard to hit targets and i’m now much more inclined to check in to places on foursquare than i would have been 1 month ago. I’m also using my iphone a lot more to take photos and i’m uploading video to youtube although the upload speed / time is a real pain.

Still, i’ve grabbed more badges on foursquare, increased my klout score to a record high and my share price on empire avenue also hit a record high in July so all of that means i *can* be more active on social media when i put my mind to it.

There’ll be no August challenge but i do think i’ve become smarter with my use of time online. Less consuming, more creating…


This time last week i was back home & recovering from a 5 day trip to Paris. Which reminds me… i’ve another video uploaded from that trip¬†here

I was always down in Cork for a couple of days, doing my bit to keep holidays local. Ironically we had better weather in Cork than in Paris too. Luckily, we had good weather for the script concert in Dublin early in the month too.


August will see me a lot more focused on work. I should see months of work on a project finally come to life and that will excite & motivate me further. Whilst i enjoy holidays and getting away as much as the next person, i could never live a life of sofas and sunbeds… it would destroy my creativity. By the end of August, i’ll probably be in a position to reveal this new site / project and hopefully i’ll also have a revamped theleavingcert.com to show you.

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