– my first BIG site.

take a look folks… at jpegr.

it’s my latest addition to my network of sites. It my first major high quality site. It was bought for $500 on sitepoint and i hope to hold on to it and establish it as an image uploading favourite.

considering the buyer had 3 bids of $1000 and a $680 bid for it, i feel i’ve grabbed one hell of a bargain. The buyer needed the cash asap which none of the other bidders could offer. So my $500 bid was accepted and i’m now the proud new owner of

the fact that 3 people were willing to pay $1000 for it, means i could in theory re-sell it and make a 100% return on investment within days 🙂 However i want to get more backlinks, grow it slowly and let it nestle for a while.

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