JPEGr still not 100%

I’m very disappointed with JPEGr‘s statistics since my dreamhost server went belly up. They’ve throttle JPEGr yet again after I told them to sort it out. Here’s the email i got:

“I’m writing to let you know that your site ( ) has had a lot of
traffic on it recently and has been causing our webservers to crash, In
the effort to make the server more reliable for other customers on it I
have set a connection limit on your site. This is the best solution for
allowing your site to continue to run and making the webserver more
stable. If you would like to have this throttle raised or removed please
go through your site and figure out what is causing the load and lower

The server crash has hurt me big time. It’s cut in half my traffic. People hate sites that are down all the time. Naturally enough they’ll search for alternatives and rightly so – i would.

But I can’t see what the problem is with the server. Back in January JPEGr got over 1500 unique hits day and there was no problem. I was well under my disk usage and bandwidth usage and still am. Now all of a sudden JPEGr is too big for it’s boots. Any more downtime on JPEGr and i’ll have to find another host. Simple as that.

I could sell it and cash in, however i feel it has more potential so i’m hanging on to it for as long as possible. If it starts to become trouble for me and i have to switch hosts and pay higher running costs, i’ll be forced to sell it. 😡

2 thoughts on “JPEGr still not 100%”

  1. Hey Smemon,

    I highly recommend as a host. I used them to run some busy applications without a problem. $30 / month will get you a high spec virtual server which you can stop / stop at your leisure. You seem to have a few issues with Dreamhost…… 🙁

    Just a suggestion.


  2. cheers pat,

    yeah the past week or so has been a nightmare with dreamhost. downtime, capping and lack of communication all hit me hard and i’ve failed to recover.

    up until now, i’ve been pretty happy with dreamhost and they do offer good value for money, however any more issues and i’ll be forced elsewhere.

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