JPEGr a victim of it’s own success…

JPEGr is starting to go viral now… it requires very little promotion from me and i’m starting to get traffic from all sorts of forums around the world.

People like it’s simplicity and style… so much so that i’ve run into to copyright violation issues…

Someone has cloned the script and used JPEGr‘s name and style under a different domain. I’ve emailed the person and site in question politely asking that they remove all of JPEGr‘s material from their site or i’ll be forced into taking further action.

I’ve saved screenshot’s, stats and backlinks all using JPEGr material so the said site won’t have a leg to stand on should it refuse to delete it’s material.

I’d love to name and shame the site and owner, but will resist the temptation as it will give the site free publicity and backlinks.

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