joomla growing on me

For the past week or so i’ve been working with joomla as one of my latest projects is powered by it.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: adria.richards

I started using joomla on a couple of years ago, but switched to wordpress. I believed wordpress would give the site a boost in search engines and make it easier to manage. How right was I? :mrgreen:

Anyway, joomla has come a long way since then and whilst i’d still favour wordpress for it’s simplicity, joomla is catching up pretty quickly. For a more community based / static site joomla is perfect.

I’ve also been impressed by the quality of some templates and the sheer volume of extensions available for all sorts of stuff. If you haven’t used joomla before, i strongly recommend you take it for a test drive.

As part of this new site i’m helping to build, i’m going to attempt to combine wordpress with joomla so that i can have all the SEO benefits of wordpress within a joomla set up.

I also have big plans and more new sites and partnerships lined up for the next few months and joomla will play a major role in those plans.

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