joining the 1000 club tomorrow

Tomorrow, i’ll be a member of the 1000+ blog post club 😀 Not only that, but i’ll have passed the 250,000 word mark. Certainly cause for celebration :mrgreen:

Not many bloggers can say they’ve done that. Anyway, i’m working on putting together a special post for my 1000th blog post. It’s a biggie.

This post is number 998 and i’ll be posting another in the morning, which means my 1000th should be tomorrow evening sometime.

I’ve also added back a plugin called ‘impress‘ to my new theme after someone asked what happened to my old ‘stats’ section. I didn’t want to clutter up the new theme too much which is why i got rid of a few plugins, but i managed to fit the stats nicely in to the footer at the bottom of the page, so that’s where they’ll be from now on 🙂

4 thoughts on “joining the 1000 club tomorrow”

  1. Your category stats say that you’ve 1020 posts!

    Paid Reviews (21) Play (292) Work (707)

    I guess you could argue that paid reviews aren’t ‘real posts’ but still and all they are.

    Taking Play and Work together you get 999 posts …. not the 998 you think you’re at. (Even though the footer displays 998 posts … strange one)

    Anyways …. 1020 posts in a major achievement …. well done! 🙂

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