January 2011 Review

january review

January 2011 was a busy month for me. I was in Barcelona for a few days, started vlogging and uploaded 6 videos to my youtube channel in total. I also uploaded about 800 photos to my flickr, got my college results and taught myself how to create basic iphone apps…


My trip to Barcelona is summed up beautifully in this video…

If you have a few days to kill, you can also check out the hundreds of photos i’ve uploaded to my flickr.

College Results

Although i picked up a degree last year, this year is the big one. I got an average of 63.2% last semester which i’m pleased with. Not delighted, not disappointed, just pleased and to a certain extent relieved as it was slightly higher than what i’d predicted.

That mark will then be added to whatever i get in the summer and if the average of those two combined is above 70% i get a first class honours degree in IT Management. It would mean i’d need to get at least 76.8% in the summer which is highly unlikely as i’ve never (in my 4 year college history) averaged anything above 70.8% in any semester.

On the flip side, i’d never averaged anything below 57% so provided i don’t break any of my own records this final semester, i’m on course for a comfortable 2nd class honours degree in IT Management which is about as good a situation as i could have hoped for considering i’m not particularly interested in most of the subjects we’re covering.

Iphone apps

One of my goals for 2011 is to create an iphone app. I’m at the stage now where i can do that (create a very basic one) but i don’t want to create one just for the sake of it, i want it to be of use to me or to someone else so for that reason it’s probably gonna take a while before i get my hands dirty again in code. I learned a lot in January and have read several books & watched lectures & tutorials online, i just have nothing to show for it, yet.

College work has unfortunately taken over and will probably tie me up until May so you may not hear me talk about apps too much until then. Whilst i said i’m ‘comfortable’ in college in terms of grades, that doesn’t mean i can coast along and take things at my own pace, you’ll still find me in there every day and doing everything that’s expected of me. The problem with that is that it eats up a lot of my time during the day and in the evenings too.

395 days, 395 posts.

It’s now been 395 days since i last failed to publish something on smemon.com. Earlier in the month i finally reached the magic ‘1 year without missing a day’ mark. It looks like i’ll now top the 400 day mark and i’ve still no idea when it will all end in tears.

What will February hold in store?

There was a lot of emphasis on ‘creating’ and ‘doing’ in January and i hope to continue that trend. I said that in order to truly get in to vlogging i’d probably commit to vlogging daily at some point and i had hoped to vlog for the entire month of February but that’s just not possible at the minute, i have far too much college work to do.

Vlogging itself isn’t any more time consuming than blogging but the editing & uploading to youtube bit is the real killer. It’s a terribly slow process. I will commit to vlogging at some stage, just not yet although i will challenge myself to upload more video than last month. Whether it’s vlogs or screencasts or scenery, i just want to get in to the habit of shooting & uploading more video. Same with photos. Last week i spent a bit of time renaming some of my flickr photos and my flickr stats tell me i’m getting about 600-800 views a day now which is insane considering you have to visit pictures on flickr.com for those ‘views’ to be counted. It’s getting to the stage now where i literally can’t keep track of the number of sites using my photos but that’s a good thing of course.

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