i’ve been aguilera’d

spent the last few days in manchester, at a christina aguilera concert.

without doubt the best live performance i’ve ever seen. No photoshopping or computer aided voice software on the live stage… most bands can’t hack it live… Christina was flawless… owned the stage, hit the highs and lows, played with the audience…


Manchester let her down as the atmosphere was ok, but considering the size of the MEN arena, it lacked real noise i.e i didn’t come out deaf like i normally would from ‘The Point’ in Dublin where your ears are literally ringing for about half an hour after a concert.

Again, pretty unrelated to entrepreneurship, but a powerful, adrenaline flowing performance like that can be channel’d into motivation. Those songs and memories are locked in my head now, so anytime i hear them, i’ll think of happy memories – real, loud, stunning performances. This can potentially help me to tap into energy reserves when i’m at a low.

E.g. im in bed at night, sleepy, but it’s early… how can i stay awake and get my mind fresh and thinking? Stick on a few aguilera songs 🙂


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